OSCARS! We want to share the Golden opportunity we just experienced as part of the team providing desserts in the Green Room at the 2014 Academy Awards Show! Yes, while A-Listers were making their Oscar Debut on the Red Carpet, we made ours in the Green Room! We were so excited to present small little bites of our handmade toffee brownies, cheesecake cookie and our tiniest mini ever, which we now call our “Oscar Baby”. What an amazing opportunity it was to be showcased on such a grand platform. We are proud to let you know that the readers of the Inland Empire Magazine have voted us “BEST BAKERY” every year since we opened our doors in 2007. We continue to provide handmade edible delights to our customers each and every day.

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Additional notable press includes:

  • Cupcake Camp, Blue Ribbon Winner for our Neapolitan Cupcake Spring 2013
  • Winner of the Riverside Cupcake Camp for most unique ingredient with our Creamy Dreamsicle cupcake. November 2010
  • Under the Sun Magazine, Spreading the Love Sweet Treats for your Sweetheart, February 2009